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By using an electronic cigarette, you are getting the benefits of a cleaner and healthier alternative to normal tobacco products. Smokeless cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes include the nicotine that traditional cigarettes do but they provide it without the dangerous chemicals and substances that are included in cigarettes. The nicotine solution in the electronic cigarettes is odorless and much more preferred by people. When a electronic cigarette is used, you are exposing yourself to the nicotine in the form of simply water vapor than exposing yourself to nicotine in the form of 4000 other chemicals as well like you are with traditional cigarettes.

It may be a difficult task to find a website on electronic cigarettes that you can count on knows what they are talking about with many sites leaving you with information that is not what you were expecting. Some websites may leave you with inaccurate information about a particular product or brand. On our site we provide you with plenty of reviews that are all unbiased about electronic cigarette products from people that are not only experts on the topics but also users of the products. By looking at our reviews you will see that each one was written by someone that has much experience and has used the product.

Keeping Up to Date About E-Cigarettes for Your Health

Lung cancer is the number one thing that causes death with tobacco smokers, with a 1 in 2 chance that people who smoke will develop it. These deaths take the lives of people at an age that many of them should not die, majority of the people that die from lung cancer are middle aged, with some of these people being even younger. If you were to drink a full 8 oz glass of tar every single day then you would be taking in the same amount of tar that you get if you smoke a pack of cigarettes on a daily basis. The amount of health problems that you develop continues to build the more that you use tobacco. If you make the decision to switch to a e-cigarette, you are improving your health and reducing your chance of death right away. Wouldn’t it be smart to continue to smoke, but to not get all those chemicals that hurt your body?

The reviews we have on this site are of the best quality to make switching from traditional cigarettes to smokeless ones a pleasant experience.  We have tips for everyone involved in this industry, no matter if you are an experienced user for many years or if you are just getting started and recently switch.

On this site we offer many freebies for you to check out. We are hopeful that you learn something from our site on your first visit. We have a passion for smokeless cigarettes that we hope that you will share with us once you leave our site today. If you found the information on this site helpful, please bookmark us as well as tell any friends that may be interested in smokeless tobacco products.

Offering You Many Savings On Your Favorite Brands

The amount of respect we have from different companies in this industry is shown by the amount of promotions and savings that are offered to us from them. We have discounts to offer that are up to 20% off a product. The promotions that we offer are not like most sites, where they run for simply 24 hours. We offer the same promotion weekly so you do not have to worry about missing it for one day.

A Collection Of Experts Run This Site

The experts on this site use the products themselves, unlike most other sites here their claimed experts are just people who test the products. On our site we have a passon for these products and use them just as you would. The owner of this site, James, is considered an expert in the smokeless tobacco industry. Being someone who switched from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes himself, he has written countless reviews and articles on the different products. After you spend some time reading the reviews on our website it should be easy for you to tell that our reviews are written with the consumer of the product in mind, rather than just trying to sell you the product and not giving the negative details about it. Reviews on other websites often contain inaccurate information about a product that leaves pure disappointment to people after they try the product for themselves.

The key to success in this smokeless tobacco industry in honesty. There are many websites that push these lower quality and inferior companies onto people and we would not allow, being customers ourselves we only want the best for our readers. We strive to show the best products in this industry and in great detail so you can know which product is for you.  We have absolutely no pressure from any manufacturer and we are not afraid to send a message to the manufacturer of a product going into detail about what is wrong with it and how they can improve upon it to make it the best for everyone. We cannot stand seeing this industry filled with inferior products and do everything we can keep this industry up to the best standards.

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After visiting our site just once you will become used to how we provide you with the details you need to make a wise purchase. Our articles keep you in mind the entire way and provide you with an in depth review about the good and the bad of each and every product. Even if you’re only looking a starter pack, we run every product through a high amount of tests on everything including its battery life and performance, and the general build quality and lifespan of the product. We provide you with reviews not only on the smokeless cigarettes themselves but also reviews on the accessories for the cigarettes.

Our reviews are completely focused on your decision to make sure you are not left confused about the different products. We want to make sure that  you make the right choice without having any regret. Our site is arguably the best site for getting e-cigarette reviews and navigating through the market.

Every article, tutorial, and we review that we offer on our site is absolutely free for your access at any time. The way in which we introduce each of these products is in a friendly manner. We not only provide you with recommendations on the product but also tips and tricks that you can use. Our site provides you will all the information that you need from everything such as simply trying a brand new flavor, to completely switching over to the smokeless cigarette world.